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 Illuminated HEART was founded to help other families just like mine find relief! If you have been searching for a natural option CBD may be right for you!

Research suggests that CBD oil helps with pain relief, migraines, nerve regeneration, bone density, weight loss, diabetes, thyroid disorders, bacterial infections, cancer, ADHD, ADD, depression, PTSD, memory loss, anxiety, insomnia, and many more! 

I know what you are thinking, "Another one", "Do i really want to try something else and be diasappointed",  I get it because I said those exact things just a short time ago and very reluctantly tried Illuminent CBD Oil and I am so glad I did!!! 

My oldest daughter was seriouly injured in a freak accident on September 17th 2012; she suffered 7 skull fractures, bleeding and bruising of the brain, facial nerve damage, severe damage to the bones inside her ear ( did you know you can break those??  I sure didn't), and jaw misalignment. The accident left her suffering with 3-5 migraines a week, facial paralysis, short term memory loss, and 97% hearing loss in her right ear. Doctor after doctor, prescription after prescription and nothing seemed to work.  Her most recent neuro visit was August of 2017 and we were told " I'm sorry there is nothing more we can do she will just have to learn to live with the migraines and paralysis" Ill never forget the look on my baby girl's face it was truly the most heartbreaking moment we had been through since the accident.  I was angry, heartbroken, and discouraged, but I was determined to help my daughter. I began researching different natural remedies for migraines and nerve regeneration and found that cannibas did both; after a little more reading I found that it also helped with memory loss, I was over the moon with excitement!!!  And then reality set in... being we live in Louisiana I thought we would have to move to try it and I am thankful to say that  I was so wrong!!!  Hemp derived CBD is 100% legal in all states and available without a prescription!!  Yes, you read that right it is 100% legal!!  

I spent days researching different companies to find the purest products that were also affordable for a single parent household. I was so grateful when I found Illuminent not only were their products made from USA grown hemp and triple lab tested, but the pricing was within my budget; so I purchased our first bottle and waited patiently by the mailbox.... Gabbie took her first dose in December of 2017 and within 15 minutes her migraine was gone and she has not had another one!!! We are now 10 months migraine and pharmaceutical free in our home! After seeing the results first hand I decided that I couldn't keep this amazing product to myself;  I partnered with Illuminent and here we are! 

Our goal is to help others who are at their wits end hearing the "we are sorry, there is nothing more we can do" speech find the same relief we did!  If you think this may be right for you please contact us today!